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A Plea for Valentine’s

Dear Husband. You won’t read this, since you will hopefully never find out my blog exists. But even so, this is a message to tell you what every woman would really like for Valentine’s Day. Your wife is no exception.

I want you to come home from work early and catch me in my knickers. I want you to pin my wrists against the wall and run your tongue up my neck so it leaves a trail up to my open mouth, where your tongue will meet mine. I want you to hold my mouth open while you run your tongue along my lips, going straight for what you really crave, by grabbing my cunt. I want you to turn me round, then kick my legs wide apart to force me open, with such force I gasp, then leak some juice down the inside of my thigh.

I want to feel your cock spring out of your underwear to hit my naked ass, before you literally shove it inside my without any foreplay. I want you to feel me get wetter with every thrust as you start to drive in me. I want to feel your balls slapping against my clit as you gather pace. I want you to pull my hair back so it hurts and spank my ass red raw with your other hand.

I want to feel you so hard, so thick inside me that it fills me up. So that I can feel how tightly I’m clamped around you. I want your cock so swollen that you feel like someone else. In fact, I want to feel someone else. Yes, I want you to invite another man into our house. I want you to tell him to fuck me better than I have ever been fucked. And I want you to watch, and get hard as you see your wife, on all fours wriggling her hips and pushing back on another man’s dick. I want you to get off on my moans, so much so that you want to kiss me so I moan into your mouth. I want you to know that while my pussy is loving him, my heart is loving you.

I want you to fuck my mouth, then I want him to fuck my mouth. I want both of you to fuck all of me – at the same time. I want to cum over you and him, squirt until I’m dry and all fucked out,

What I DON’T want this Valentines, are chocolates. Or flowers.

Thank you. Love, your Wife xxx

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