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Quality or Quantity?

This morning was the start of something big It was a beautiful morning. Hubby had gone to work and as the sun burst through the curtains my clit burst into life. I was invigorated. Stroking furiously, at the ideas of what the day might bring. Today, the last day of February, felt like the first day of Spring. It felt like the beginning of a new chapter in my journey. Today, finally I was ready to take the plunge.

After ahem, cleaning up, I decided to join a well-known swinging website. I didn’t really know what to expect, or what it all entailed. My perception of swingers has always been a somewhat garish 1970’s sepia-toned view. Rather overweight couples cavorting on orange sofas. Moustaches- yes, lots and lots of moustaches. And to be frank, offensively hairy ball-sacks. So I was pleasantly surprised when I perused the fare openly on offer on this site. So many cocks to choose from of so many different varieties. Some rather shrivelled, sorry looking prunes (why advertise this, lads?) and some thick, bulging specimens which made my pussy tighten to imagine them filling me. I wrote my profile, pretty much explaining the purpose of my adventure and then sadly had to go out.

On my return I had 132 unread messages. 132! How on earth to tackle this? I will preserve dignity and anonymity of others but here are some examples…


No need to shout, lover 😉 He left his number. Honestly, I wondered whether to pass it onto the good folk of the local constabulary….

Then I had loads of people offering to ‘help’ with the blog – down, boys….all in good time!

So day 1 in the world of swinging and have my perceptions changed? Yes. It appears ‘swingers’ means mainly men who want to cheat on their wives. Now, I’ll not pass judgement on that, because essentially I’m no more scrupulous on that front. It’s just I expected variety, excitement. A range of fantasies to be fulfilled, passions to be unlocked. Instead it feels like a bus-queue of cocks waiting in line. Imagine a low-grade talent contest where one by one they trudge into a room, wearily pull their pants down and show Amanda Holden a shrunken penis. ‘Next!’ she cries. And from 132 hopefuls not one, not a single girl (although a handful of friendly couples)

But there’s another part of me that still feels like a kid in a sweetie shop. All this cock, for moi?! Do I choose this one, or that one? All of it, or none at all? I have a decision to make. Is it quality I’m after, or quantity? The only thing I know is that my pussy hasn’t stopped quivering all day at the thought of sex with a stranger.

That’s normally a good way to end things until next time, but I wanted to finish this post with a genuinely lovely message from one of the fabulous 132….

Holy shit, I’m sat at my desk in work and reading your blog. I’m only half way through and thoroughly enjoying myself.
You sound incredible! I can’t leave my desk since I’m having trouser issues.
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for brightening a Friday!

Forget the sex bit for a minute. If I can do that for one person, then it makes it all totally worthwhile. Thankyou x

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A woman of few words

Words alone can give you the hardest orgasms as I’ve learned this week. Going online with the sole intention of cyber-fucking a total stranger has opened my eyes to the power of creative writing. Even so much as a well-timed four letter word from an experienced sexter can send a shiver through my spine and give me a twitching in my knickers.

It got me thinking about powerful and evocative (and provocative…) language.

So here’s my manual to perfect sex in just 10 words….

1. Lust

2. Grind

3. Gasp

4. Lick

5. Throb

6. Gape

7. Clench

8. Writhe

9. Pound

10. Squirt

I challenge you to not get horny… 😉

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The World has changed

I want to get your knickers soaking
Well, that was an opening line to grab my attention. Today, for the first time, I enrolled myself onto a chat room, with the express intention of talking to a man. My husband had gone to work, as usual showing very little interest when openly offered sex this morning.
So there I was sat at the kitchen table. Bored, horny. Out of my mind horny.
I have never ‘cheated’ on my husband but recently have had a growing feeling, mainly in my knickers to be fair, that I just want some. It’s become an ache.

Today, a play would do me. So I logged on and immediately was bombarded with messages from strangers. So many I couldn’t really cope at first. The online world seems to be some kind of exaggerated version of the real one when it comes to ‘dating’ and especially sex. The shy and retiring men, who used to cling to the walls of nightclubs nursing their pint of lager – they now summon up the courage granted by internet anonymity to say ‘hi.’ But generally only ‘hi.’ How does a lady respond to that? I didn’t, I just ignored them. Then there’s the cock sure Alpha-type who opens with a ‘hey baby – you wanna see a real man?’ Well yes, I do, but I suspect you’re not one and besides, I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction.

Then there’s HC1989 – someone a lot younger than me, I assume. Kind of a turn on for starters. Coming out with the ‘wet knicker’ line had me. Caught me off-guard. How the world has moved on since I was last looking.
Honestly, my pussy tingled. The exchange that followed had it full on twingeing. So I squirmed for a while as we chatted. Firstly on the kitchen stool. Then on the living room carpet. Imagining all the things that were (hypothetically) getting done to every inch of my body- all of it was licking. We hadn’t even got to the fucking.

Later I can fill you in with the details. But suffice to say I ended up sweaty and satisfied. The main way I’ve noticed sexual relations have changed is in the lack of social niceties. This was transactional. No-nonsense cyber oral sex. We’d got straight to the point. We hadn’t asked what we do, our hobbies, not ever our names. So imagine my surprise, when at the end of the conversation HC1989 says – ‘I should introduce myself! Hi, I’m Hannah.’
That probably made me throb harder than anything else she’d said before it….

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