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The World has changed

I want to get your knickers soaking
Well, that was an opening line to grab my attention. Today, for the first time, I enrolled myself onto a chat room, with the express intention of talking to a man. My husband had gone to work, as usual showing very little interest when openly offered sex this morning.
So there I was sat at the kitchen table. Bored, horny. Out of my mind horny.
I have never ‘cheated’ on my husband but recently have had a growing feeling, mainly in my knickers to be fair, that I just want some. It’s become an ache.

Today, a play would do me. So I logged on and immediately was bombarded with messages from strangers. So many I couldn’t really cope at first. The online world seems to be some kind of exaggerated version of the real one when it comes to ‘dating’ and especially sex. The shy and retiring men, who used to cling to the walls of nightclubs nursing their pint of lager – they now summon up the courage granted by internet anonymity to say ‘hi.’ But generally only ‘hi.’ How does a lady respond to that? I didn’t, I just ignored them. Then there’s the cock sure Alpha-type who opens with a ‘hey baby – you wanna see a real man?’ Well yes, I do, but I suspect you’re not one and besides, I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction.

Then there’s HC1989 – someone a lot younger than me, I assume. Kind of a turn on for starters. Coming out with the ‘wet knicker’ line had me. Caught me off-guard. How the world has moved on since I was last looking.
Honestly, my pussy tingled. The exchange that followed had it full on twingeing. So I squirmed for a while as we chatted. Firstly on the kitchen stool. Then on the living room carpet. Imagining all the things that were (hypothetically) getting done to every inch of my body- all of it was licking. We hadn’t even got to the fucking.

Later I can fill you in with the details. But suffice to say I ended up sweaty and satisfied. The main way I’ve noticed sexual relations have changed is in the lack of social niceties. This was transactional. No-nonsense cyber oral sex. We’d got straight to the point. We hadn’t asked what we do, our hobbies, not ever our names. So imagine my surprise, when at the end of the conversation HC1989 says – ‘I should introduce myself! Hi, I’m Hannah.’
That probably made me throb harder than anything else she’d said before it….

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