About: True Secret

Like it or not THIS is me. I’m married, a 30-something mum and I live in Northern England. They’re the only details I will give, for reasons which will become clear…

I love my husband, I really do. But for many years I have felt desires that I can no longer control. I have so many fantasies which I can’t live out with my husband- I have chosen to fulfil them elsewhere. This blog is to document everything I am (hopefully) about to do.

It’s not meant as attention-seeking, or crude sensationalisation. It’s all real and I want to help open debate about women’s sexuality and our right to explore it. I don’t want to offend anyone, but welcome comments.

Please follow my story – Maybe we can meet sometime 😉


One thought on “About: True Secret”

  1. Hi there, i’m a local married guy looking for the same. For years my sexyal desires have not been met. I know what I want I need to seek elsewhere. I’ve read your blog and it’s extremely exciting! I’d live to feature in your stories. Maybe for you experiencing my extremely large manhood?!

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