Uncharted Territory

She had me ridiculously wet. Sadly I was alone. My legs as wide as they would go. One ankle draped onto the floor, the other leg stretched high across the back of the sofa. Extra leverage. Gently stroking my clit. My thighs quivering. Burning for sex. You know that feeling? Out of control. Animalistic. On heat. She’d got me that way.

The ‘she’ in this case, for once on my journey, wasn’t virtual. She was not sat masturbating behind a computer screen somewhere. She does not live thousands of miles away. She exists. My encounter with her came most unexpectedly and most exciting of all, I think she wants me too.

I have to be careful here not to give too much information away. In short, if my husband finds out about this blog, most likely my marriage is over – and I don’t want that. I met this woman who I will call Sara, in the playground. Generally speaking I hate the playground. It’s a very adversarial environment. The alpha female, pecking for scraps of gossip and strutting around like a flamboyant bird – the sole purpose nature invented for her it seems, is to be noticed. Catwalking over hopscotch squares before sharply turning and flicking out a leg, so everyone can see her new Hunter wellies. There are loads of them like that. Jesus, I struggle to get out of my pyjamas in the morning. That’s the way I roll, yummy Mummies. So I’ve recently built an alliance with Sara. Mother of my child’s friend. She turns up to school without makeup. But she’s hot. Naturally beautiful with huge almond-shaped eyes and a mouth to die for. I watch her mouth constantly when she talks. I love it when the shape of someone’s mouth is enough to make me daydream, imagining how they’d kiss.

This week Sara had invited me for coffee. We exchanged small talk, about the children, about schoolwork and about the teacher who’s clearly having an affair with a parent. Then the conversation took an unexpected twist. Sara confided in me.
“It’s just he doesn’t seem to want sex at all,” she said.
“Tell me about it!”
“Can I ask you a question? Do you think it’s possible to be faithful to one person?”
I thought carefully about the answer – “honestly? I think it’s hard. Sometimes I wonder if we’re made that way.”
Sara went a step further. “Only sometimes….I get these, well, urges, you know?”
I twitched, my pussy really twitched. Possibly not so much from what Sara said, than the fact she was staring so intently into my eyes as she spoke.
“Yeah, I know….” I sort of croaked it – my mouth had gone dry. At first I hoped she hadn’t noticed me squirm in my seat. Then I hoped she had.

The gloves were off. So for the next half hour or so we shared stories, talked about the things we wish we’d have done before we got hitched.
“I always wanted a threesome- well several actually!” Sara said.
“Hell yes! Two men or two women?”
“Erm…Either? Both?” She licked her lips with simply the dirtiest look I have seen for a very long time. Her eyes were full of fire, alive with filthy ideas. Fantasies unfulfilled. I gave a parting “yeah I’d love to have fucked a girl too,” with a wink. Plant that seed. But it was time for me to head home.

Later, when I had an hour to myself, my thoughts got wandering back to Sara. To how my underwear stuck to my skin as I squirmed throughout the conversation. I wanted her to ask me to take her to bed. I wanted to lick her like she’s never been licked, as she writhed on the bed, sweating and moaning under my touch. I wanted to feel the closeness of wrapping my legs in hers, our clits grinding as tongues explore each other’s mouths. I want it so much I ached.

This is new for me, uncharted territory. I have never been so close to ‘cheating’ on my husband. I certainly never thought it’d be with a woman. And the best bit? She’ll be in the playground on Monday šŸ˜‰

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